One Stop Destination for

Age Breaker + Stem Cell

One Stop Destination for

Age Breaker + Stem Cell

Age breaker + Stem cell

Are you looking for a new way to perfect your skin?

 If you have issues with your skin’s texture — whether facial wrinkles and fine lines, or loose skin and stretch marks on your body —Dr.JP aesthetics is pleased to offe+r a new solution.

Age breaker  is an innovative new fractional ablative radiofrequency technology that can be used to treat those skin problems and more.

Acne scars, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, stretch marks, fine lines, and wrinkles can all be improved with Age breaker treatment. The finely controlled ablation and thermal effects mean Age breaker can be customized to treat your specific needs.


  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Creases
  • Stretch marks
  • Acne scars
  • Non-keloid hypertrophic scars (excessive collagen leaving a raised scar)
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People are very nice. They take every customer seriously. Very honest and reasonable price. I do skin program here every 3-4 month to keep young for more than 3 years already. Recommend to everyone.

Katie K.,

I had consultation with and olivia manager, they were very kind and explain well that what I needed to get procedure. Therefore, I made a decision to get procedure that was satisfied. It was very amazing experience to botox and lip filler . He is professional at the injection will provide quality work with low price 🙂

Hye Jung H.,

My mom and I just got botox here today. We called about 10 min before and were able to get an appt right away. The consultant was really friendly, the doctor was funny, detailed and very knowledgeable. A male assistant helped the doctor with the whole procedure, he was kind and professional and gave me tips on the aftercare. The whole experience was delightful. My mom and I can’t wait to see the results since it takes a couple weeks for it to show. Based on today’s experience, I would definitely recommend this place to my friends and families!!!!

Yeeri P.,

I was looking for skin care because of my dry skin. I consultation with Olivia, she was so sweet and explain well. So I decided to do my skin care here. It was so satisfied. I definitely came back here again.

Crystal N.,

At the first time i visited JP, i worried about result i would get and the price because it costs not cheap and is unable to trust due to not experienced. However, the counselor explained really nicely and she recommanded me to get Kybella because i want to lose my fat under my jaw. Kybella is just for the fat under the jaw and i decided to get that. Right after i got surgical preocedure, i got swollen face but it got better in a week. Now i never regret that i got Kybella even it is not cheap. Also, for free, JP gave me to try I-lipo which is machine that helps disassembling fat on belly by putting the machine on my belly for 30min. I think I-lipo is also good even though i tried only one time because i could feel that my belly fat became little more smooth.

Sua K.,

I came here for a free consulting, Olivia was the manger/ consultant she was very sweet , friendly & nice. I consulted to her and also the doctor of my needs and they would never demand me any non-needed procedures. They are not money hungry like others and are very honest to customers. Olivia answers my questions very throughly and is always so kind. She also give me some trials before spending big amounts of money to see if it would h worth it. Thank you Olivia and all the staff for always being so kind.

Jane C.,